Australia news live: Linda Reynolds taken to hospital; Kelly's exit from Libs prompts Nats leadership talk

Defence minister admitted as precautionary measure on advice of her cardiologist. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

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Michelle Rowland spoke to Sky News this morning, where she was asked about Emma Husar:

Laura Jayes:

Well, two things. I can only speak for my personal experience. Being a woman in the Labor Party, I’ve always felt supported, particularly in the last ten years. I’ve had two children while in the Parliament, I’ve been put on the frontbench, kept on the frontbench and elevated. I can appreciate that this is an environment where people have gone out of their way to support my career.

As to the specifics of Ms Husar’s comments, she has been through a very difficult public period, and I can certainly appreciate that, including defamation proceedings which would not have been easy. At the same time, I would note that there was a very strong statement made by Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek acknowledging two things. Firstly, that the workplace culture in Parliament House needs to change. But secondly, that Labor conclude its own review of our complaints and harassment processes. We can always do better. The mission is never done to ensure that women are valued, are represented, and have a place in our parliamentary process.

Personally, I don’t believe there is. Secondly, from my own observations, I believe that there is a real sense of wanting to be inclusive of not only women, but of diversity generally. As I say, the mission is never done. 20 or so years ago when we embarked on affirmative action, this was seen as something that was apparently going to be the downfall of the Labor Party. It is something that has only made us stronger. Whilst we continue on that quest to make sure we are more inclusive, there will be challenges, there will be opportunities for people, but we need to keep our eyes on what should be the ultimate outcome here, and that should be an inclusive workplace and a party and a Parliament that represents the Australian community.

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Queensland is doubling the number of Indigenous land and sea rangers who work on conservation and biodiversity projects across the state to 200, environment minister Meaghan Scanlon has just told state parliament.

We can all benefit from listening and learning from those whose lands, air and water we all now share,” Scanlon said.

That means new jobs while supporting the critical role of First Nations people in Queensland’s environment and cultural heritage.”

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Australia news live: Linda Reynolds taken to hospital; Kelly's exit from Libs prompts Nats leadership talk