Freshwater part 5: the appeal – podcast

Today, the Freshwater Five case is in front of the court of appeal after the disclosure of new evidence that the defence says points to the men’s conviction being unsafe. Why has it taken a decade to get to this point?

Today, the court of appeal will begin to decide the fate of the Freshwater Five. If the convictions of John Beere and Daniel Payne are quashed, those of the other three men will most likely follow. It is the culmination of years of work by the men’s lawyer Emily Bolton, who has doggedly hunted down the new evidence being presented to judges today.

Anushka Asthana hears how the journey for Bolton began in the deep south of the US where she began her career fighting to overturn convictions of prisoners on death row. Now, as director of the charity Appeal, she has had to learn how to navigate the often bureaucratic tangle of the English legal system.

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Source: The Guardian
Freshwater part 5: the appeal – podcast