Letter: Will Central America ‘Marshall Plan’ fix immigration?

Central America ‘Marshall
Plan’ may fix immigration

When solving a problem, it is necessary to determine its cause. Regarding the immigration problem, spending billions of dollars on walls does nothing to diminish the cause (extreme poverty in Central America).

After World War II, we created the Marshall Plan which aided in the rebuilding of Western Europe. Developing a similar plan for Central America would create industries, put people to work at a living wage and create additional businesses to service these workers.

Given the opportunity to remain at home with a job and with family or leave on the long, dangerous and uncertain journey to our country would seem an easy choice. With the new opportunities, many present immigrants may also chose to return home.

The only caveat to this program would be that the sponsor industries would be limited to producing only those items that we presently purchase from other nations.

Michael Kluever


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Source: Mercury news
Letter: Will Central America ‘Marshall Plan’ fix immigration?